13102838_1304933202852069_1022380222947137879_nAlthough this page appears to be solely about wine, its actually and quite simply about my life. I’m using this as a platform to explore words, bounce ideas and contemplate current events as I navigate my way through them. I’ll be discussing wines I’ve consumed sometimes, giving you advice on the best wineries in Sonoma and Napa county other times, but when I’m not doing that, i’ll just be keeping it real! I’m just a small town girl, who’s goal is to warm a few souls in this big old world. There is nothing that is more important to me than my family, friends and two dogs. Wine and Spirits sales manager by day, wine enthusiast and lover by night. My Bachelors Degree in Wine Business means I’m semi-qualified to review wines, but let’s be safe and say that everything on here is merely opinion! I hope my thoughts make you laugh (at the very least) and maybe help you see things a little differently. Cheers!